something cool about Mogadishu is that just off the coast of Jasiira Beach is a tiny island. on this island is a small mosque like many Somali buildings it’s white and made of limestone. in the second picture the tied has gone down considerably when the tied is at it’s lowest beach goers can comfortably wade throw the water and make their way to the island mosque.

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me n bae gettin munchies at the bodega

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Before you go to sleep, 

  • wudhu
  • dust bedding
  • Al-mulk
  • Ayat Al-Kursi
  • Dhikr
  • Fajr Alarm
  • Shahada
  • sleeping duaa
  • Right side
  • hand under cheek
  • clean heart 
  • Forgive and forget

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black sea

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An accurate representation of my social skills


" Mandeq Ahmed, ‘which one hurt more?’ (via blackorchidd)

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sawaq-abook looool you got to mask that banana taste.

fracturedribcage Lmaaao 100% somali I swear. Just no banana’s for me.

Ayyyyy you guys don’t like bananas too!! forever-muslima sawaq-abook