All I’ve got done since yesterday is write down all the things I need to get done.


Whenever you feel empty,
your soul is missing Allah.

This is because nothing
and noone can fill it with harmony
except Him.

So let Him reside there
because Al-Karim, The Generous
is always enough for you.


You asked me
“Who is your favourite poet?”

and I smiled and
told you

For he created heaven and earth,
my eyes that are able to
look upon your smile.

For he put speech in
my lungs, and faith
in my heart.

What writer can ever
hope to surpass that
kind of beauty?

- The worlds only poet

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Disturb my laminar flow of living
Let my Reynolds Number grow
Increase my diameter and lower my viscosity
While eddies form from our rippling bodies
Stay close to me throughout this turbulent process

As passion-filled tension fire up our internal energies
Heighten our minds to develop potential…


when someone you just met gets really personal


You were a vapor
A free spirit

I was a liquid
From the depths of the abyss

We were destined to meet
On the stage of our dreams

From the moment our paths crossed
Attraction could be felt and seen

We were perfect for each other
But our encounter was fated

Once equiibrium was…

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